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Here where I put some info about eps in Rugrats and All Grown Up that would great for the T/L Nation

~Radio Daze~
The first real T/L Episode ever this in some peoples eyes is what started the idea of T/L coupling . In my view thia a very cute Episode and hope see more like it in AGU
~Okey-Dokey Jones And The Ring Of The Sunbeans~
In this Kimi-Era Episode the episode had a lot of great and cute T/L part in it. This was the time when Kimi was taking a lot of light form Phil and Lil but this was a good one for us T/L fans
~All Grown Up~
~Thief Encounter~
This is not a full T/L Episode BUT it has good deal of very cute T/L parts in it.Tommy was kinda flirting with Lil in this Episode and was sleeping next to her with I call a Ash and Misty style hint.
~Tweenage Tycoons~
Well this not a full on T/l Episode but has ton of cute part that would fun for the the T/L fans like Lil winking at Tommy
~It's Cupid , Stupid~
This is a fan fav of the T/L Nation but peoples form the other side had try to fight this one. They said the reason why Tommy dance with Lil because Phil ask him to for he can get something to ate.
In my POV if it was just that they did overkill it for just a cupcake
~Tommy Fooley~
~Interview With a Campfire~
~Miss Nose it All~
~Runaround Sussie~
~Project Chuckie~
~The Big Score~
Nothing know a lot about this one but Lil join the same team that Tommy is on and  became it star player like Tommy is

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