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This page is for info about other couples in All Grown Up that has to do with Tommy or Lil. Some of them are very well and like with good deal of peoples why some of them are just made up for some reason by a fan.

Tommy and .......
~Tommy and Kimi~
Well this couple is just as well like as Tommy/Lil and some of the fans are just as nut over than we are over Tommy/Lil.I see a lot of Kids talking about T/K on the nick board more than T/L the reason why for that I think is because the message board is playing fav on it.
Some of the reasons why peoples like this couple because they are a lot of like and Kimi is Chuckie's step sister.
~Tommy and Sussie~
Well a good deal of peoples like them because they said in the old rugrats they like one and onother a lot. I said Susie is more of good friend but that it
~Tommy and Olivia~

Only thing I can said is Tommy's first kiss 
~Tommy and Nicole~
~Tommy and  Savannah ~

~Lil and .......
Lil and Chuckie
This couple was shown a lot in Rugrats and once in rugrats they got married. This have charged big time now Chuckie grown crushes on other girls and there all most no hinta with them any more"well a couple of them" Myself I am a C/A fan so you can see why I am not a big fan of this couple
Lil and Dil
No Photo
A other fan couple that kinda well like but dosen't have a lot of hints to them. I think this is not a bad couple but not as something I will like to see I will have to said no
Lil and Z
No Photo
Ok,Here a very odd couple I mean this couple had no hints at all but some peoples like them "I think it the crazy T/K fans"
Lil and Bean
Lil and Brett
Lil and Nicholas
Lil and Jeffery

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