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Welcome to the T/L Nation where all of you T/L fans can sign up to part of the first ever  Tommy/Lil Fanlisting page
To join Email me at  ctgrumpybear@yahoo.com
E mail me
Your Name or nickname-
Your Country-
Your Web site or board
Your reason why you like T/L
Your fav T/L part in a Rugrats/All Grown Up

Your Name or nickname-Courtney
Your Country-Weare,NH USA
Your Web site or board-WWW.ctgrumpybear.tripod.com
Your reason why you like T/L-The main reason why I like T/L is because with there attitudes it mix well thougher
Your fav T/L part in a Rugrats/All Grown Up-Radio Daze!!!
Nickname/name; Taly
website/board; -
reason I likeTl; They are really cute together. They have good chemistry.

fav part rugrats/agu; "Radio Daze"(whole seen at the "bar") It's cupid stupid; when they dance!!
Name Or Nick Name: Dilweird
Country: Mexico
Website Or Board: None
Reason Why You like T/L: This Couple is one of most wonderful ones because they are made to be together, Tommy is a brave, intelligent and mature boy while Lil is a sophisticated, smart and independent girl who has developed her Personality, they fit pretty good together
Favorite T/L Part: well In My Opinion The Time They danced on It's cupid Stupid is the best, but I'd like to add the time they both cried in Interview With a Campfire

Country: NC

site: http://glossycurl.proboards39.com/- teen girl hangout

reason- They fit together and are close best friends

parts: AGU- when Tommy and Lil danced together and held hands!
MY website:http://hgrwlover.proboards42.com/-For all Harry Potter lovers
I like them because they always been there for each other and there not to alike also because I'm alittle like Lil I think so maybe cause Tommy seems like a kind of guy I'd like.
SO HARD OF ? but THe dancing part and when Tommy said Lil looks good as a girl

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Thax you go out to my friends at http://lukes42.proboards1.com/index.cgi