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~Naked Tommy~
Tommy when he see Lil naked
Tommy:Uh Lil may I ask you something???
~Radio Daze~
Tommy:So I don't think too well when it comes to girls, but call me a sucker for a pink bow
Lil:He looks so cute sleeping like a baby
Lil:Come on  Masked Detective run away with me

~Clan Of The Duck ~

Lil: Dressies are the "bestest" of all. They don't rub, they're nice and cool, and you still got something over your diaper for when friends come over. 'Course you boys can't wear dressies.

Tommy: We can't?

Lil: No, boys wear pants and girls wear dressies.

Tommy: Well, why do we "got" to wear different stuff?

Lil: 'Cause girls are good and boys are bad, naughty babies.

Tommy: Oh, that's why.

~The Art Fair ~

Lil: What do you think Tommy?

Tommy: I think it's not finished yet.

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