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This is bios of the other folks in T/L's life

Tommy's younger brother Dil is off base he talk to aliens and think diffent than everyone but you got to love him..
Lil's Twin brother Phil what Lil  is not he love gross stuffs and goofy off. Lil get mad at him a lot but she still love him
Tommy's parther in crimes this is Tommy's best bud and he friend with Lil too....
Chuckie's step sister she is a good friend to Tommy and Lil and like Chuckie she is Lil's parther in crime
Long time friend to Tommy/Lil she is a good person with a heart of gold and the voice of Angel
Tommy's evil cousin well she not that evil as she use to be.
Tommy's dad Stu love to build stuffs for he can sale and ever if he busy Stu is still there for his kids
Tommy's very caring mom who will stick up for her sons she ever put Pangborn in his place
Everyone's fav tough gal she is phil and Lil's mom Betty maybe tough but she do anything for anyone
Phil and Lil's dad and the house wife for Betty Howard dosen't do anything real big but one thing he can do is act
Kimi and Chuckie's mom she help run the Java Lava with Chaz and take care of Kimi and Chuckie
Kimi and Chuckie's dad he used to take care of Chuckie by himself before he married Kira. Chaz run the tweenage's hang out the Java Lava
Grandpa Lou
Everyone's fav old timer is back he maybe not as fun as he used to be but he still rock
Tommy's aunt and  Angelica's mom she still work non stop and her face charged a lot
Tommy's uncle and Angelica's dad he still with Tommy's dad but dosen't have a real big role in AGU
Lou's wife she has yet to been seen in AGU
Didi's jewish dad he very old but still like to have fun

Didi's mom and Boris' wife she has yet to apper in AGU

Photos come form
Lukes'agu site

Thax you go out to my friends at http://lukes42.proboards1.com/index.cgi