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~Welcome to the Precious Moments of Tommy and Lil Love where there part that we T/L fans got to love~


 ~Naked Tommy ~

Well this is not a full on hint but it was funny how when he saw Lil naked for he the first time ans look over at her and said said"huh,Lil may I ask you something??

~Radio Daze~

Everything in this was cute T/L stuffs


~The First Rugrats Movie~

When Dil rip Tommy 's diaper and making them fall down the Happy look at Lil's face was funny

When Phil and Lil find Tommy he  give Lil a hug first and keep on hugging her


~All Grown Up~

~Tweenage Tycoons~

Lil winking at Tommy was so cool

~It's Cupid, Stupid~

At the End with them holding hands and dacning thougher was the best

~Interview With A Campfire~

Lil holding Tommy's Camera and crying her eyes out

~Runaround Sussie~

When Phil was dress as Lil Tommy said he look good and seeing Lil is the one who Phil look like"Do the math

~Project Chuckie~

Tommy picking Lil to play his wife in the play

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