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Checking out other cartoon coupling sites I see hints page but I have seen them look into the hints like what what for hints. So I took it on myself  to make the first study of hints page

~The Smile Hint~
One of thecommon hint out there you see this one in all most in all hints with peoples hints list for there fav tv couples it may not be the best hint but hey it work....
~The Kiss Hint~
This one is kinda rare to see happen but it happen here and most of the time it happen  if the person is leaving the shown or it the last ep of the shown
~The Hug Hint~
This one happen a lot in TV showns this one happen a lot one of the most common one out. You will All most see this with your TV couples sometime a lot or couple time
~The Holding hands Hint~
An other one you will see a lot In a shown this is a cute one at that. They may hold hands for they willn't get lost or because some happy reason
~Trying to cheer up Hint~
When one of them is down on themself and the other person try there best to cheer them up
~Worried Hint~
When said one of the peoples is gone for some time or is down on themself and the other one get  or look worried
~Follwing one another Hint~
This is where they are follwing one another like there the other one shadow
~Married Hint~
Where the tv couple act like they are married or they said something about getting married
~Touching Hint~
When you see them touching  one another a lot like putting there hand on the other shoulder
~Good looking Hint~
When they see one another in a diffent light said the other one dress up and look at them happy
~Whisped Hint~
When they whisped in the other ears about stuffs
~Looking at one another hint~
When they keep on looking at one another non stop
~sleeping next one another~
When they sleep next one another like a married couple
~The Dance Hint~
Not the garth brocks song but when the TV couples dancing thougher
~I love you Hint~
An very simple hint with those 3 words
~Fighting Hint~
When they fight sometimes over tiny things or big thing
~MissYou Hint~
When the other part of the couple go missing and the other one is very happy to see them when the are back
~Naked Hint~
When they see the other one form TV couples see the other one nude
~Blushes Hint~
One of the people for the tv couple dose something to make the other face turn red
~Jelious Hint~
When said someone diffent is hitting on someone form the TV couple and the other get mad big time
~Running to them Hint~
When one of them run to the other like when something bad happen or they miss one another
~Pet Name Hint~
When they got little nickname for  one another like calling them ace,dear,hot short or anything like that
~Sticking up for Them Hint~
This one is where said they are being made of fun and the other person stick up for the other person
~Protect Hint~
This one is where one of the people maybe sick or hurt the other person make sure that they will be ok and do anything
~Friting Hint~
This one you see a lot and it one of the funny was out there you can see. I mean when you have your couple is sitting there joking around about one another is cool....
~Anti Hint~
This one is where the shown may have something that maybe nothing going happen with there fav TV couples. Some anti hint are like if one of them get married to someone else or they stop having the other person on the shown one and for all.....

Thax you go out to my friends at http://lukes42.proboards1.com/index.cgi