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Seeing one of my fav shown is MythBusters and like them how they bust myths I am going to bush peoplkes' reason why Tommy and Lill willn't get thougher.

Tommy and Lil don't have anything in common
~I see this a lot peoples said this a lot"Good deal of T/K fans" but myself got said that maybe a good thing. The nain reason why I said that is because sometime you   can be too much alike and that can get boring.If you see some real life couples who are some odd but love one another a lot~
~Tommy and Lil don't hang around one another anymore~
I had hear this one before form someone and I got to said by the look of it they never watch All Grown Up . In all most Episode  Lil is with Tommy and Chuckie most of the time and with Phil and Kimi. 
~I have seen this before the main reason why someone said is because Lil made new friends. In every All Grown Up she with her old friends most of them"Tommy too" Lil is a sidekick to Tommy~
~Lil only like the popular kids  in the school~
I think is just something that Lil is just doing because she like most girls at her age.Everytime she get a new crush is because she think the boy is cute or something like that but soon she more that likey get out of it.~
~Tommy and Lil have know one another to long
they are best friends and made it that they will not get thougher~
I see this a lot form non T/L fans they said this is a reason why  you will never see Tommy and Lil thougher. but yet they said someone like Susie or Kimi would be a better couple. Well I got to said to that is  that they been friends with Tommy just as long as Lil so that shown how peoples look into that stuffs

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