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Welcome to part that give you sign that you maybe a T/L fan just like the signs that you maybe a redneck

If you keep on  watching Radio Daze over and over just to see the T/L part....You maybe a T/L fan
If you can see the little hard to see hints that all most everyone miss....You maybe a T/L fan
If you ever got into hours long fights with peoples because they bash T/L......You maybe a T/L fan
If you had a dream of Tommy and Lil thougher.... You maybe a T/L fan
If You look for hours to find a T/L story.....You maybe a T/L fan
If you can name all of the T/L hints at any time .....You maybe a T/ fan

Thax you go out to my friends at http://lukes42.proboards1.com/index.cgi