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If you got hints you found that why do you just E mail them to  

~COOLSTOON Newletter~
In the newletter that was talking about Lukes All Grown Up "the best AGU site around"site they talk about just T/L fanfictions but the thing is there are more T/K and C/A stories than T/L sites
~The start of All Grown Up~
Where they have all of the kids thougher blowing bubbles they have Tommy and Lil thougher  
This hint is not as good of a hint as the other hints but it shown off some of the other fan couples"C/A,P/K,T/L"
~Rugrats: All Growed Up (pilot episode):~

Lil is seating in the back behind Tommy on the bus and when the gang started to talk Tommy keep looking at Lil most of the time.

At the Sandbox Tommy keep on looking at Lil and they finished each others words

Lil was the one that found Tommy's dad's gold medallion.

When the kids was going to the concert without Tommy, Lil acted more worried that anyone else.

Tommy and Lil would there bike to one another

Lil was the one who told Tommy to keep going and not stop for Angelica.

The first time where we ever saw and give us good hints they would not the best of all hints but they would some good one to get  a kick out off
~Season 1~
~Coup De Ville~

Tommy was asking where Lil was when Phillip was eating with them
Tommy was hearing Phil out about when Lil wantend to not be a twin 
This was a great episode it don't have a lot of T/L hints in it. The reason for that was because Lil was her new friends in all of the episode but there would some small one in it.

~Tweenage Tycoons~

Tommy and Lil were working together at the beginning of the episode.

Lil said "Its all up to you Tommy, what do ya say?" and winked at him.

Tommy keep on looking at Lil and smiling at her why they would talking to Nicole

This episode was fun to watch with it show the love with Tommy and Dil that they have. The wink that Lil did at Tommy was cool Lil only wink at two boys in All Grown Up so far"Bean and Tommy"
~Truth or Consquences~

When Tommy was thinking up ideas for his movie, he gave Lil all the cool parts.
"Not a full hint"In Tommy's day dream Lil was showning more skins than the other girls in the dream
When everyone jumped on Tommy, Lil was number two who jumped on him

When Chuckie was talking to Tommy and said friends for life Lil than come up and said me too..
Well this Episode shown how deep the friendship with the tweenage have. I had some fun watching this Episode and hints it had couple in it for us to see
~Thief Encounter~

Tommy try to keep Lil form getting overwork about the test

Tommy was joking around about Lil's outfit and her sleeping bag.

Lil and Tommy was sleeping next to one another.
When trying to keep Betty and Chaz a way form Dil Tommy was next to Lil most of the time
I love this Episode  it was see Dil acting odd and trying to protect his brother in this Episode . Hints part it had some very good in it some us T/L fans would happy
~Bad Kimi~

At the bus stop Tommy keep on looking at Lil

When looking at at the tape of Z tommy and Lil would next to one another

Tommy was looking at Lil with a a big smile just keep on looking at her
The only I could said about this Episode  is that I am not that big on it
~Brother, Can You Spare The Time?~
Lil was doing most of the stuffs for Tommy's party

Lil was the first to ask what was up with him and Dil.
Lil was more worried about Tommy knowing about the party they would having for him
When Chuckie all most told Tommy about the party when everyone was draging Chuckie away Lil turn and smile at Tommy
Not a bad Episode it was kinda funny  to watch Chuckie not to tell Tommy about  the party. The photo that Tommy had of the gang was very cool
~The Old and the Restless~
Lil whisperied to Tommy two in this ep
They would next to one another a lot
Lil was worried when Grandpa Lou hadn't came yet, and Tommy told her not to worry and made her feel better.

Tommy looked sad when he heard Lil talking bad about his Grandpa.

It was Lil who Tommy was talking to when he heard Sean and the other kid talking bad about Grandpa Lou.
This is the first time that Grandpa Lou get a role in AGU.It was cool to see him back on TV so it was cute to see him

~It's Cupid, Stupid~

When Phil asked Tommy to dance with his sister Tommy had a big smile on his face"He look very happy to be ask that.

Tommy and Lil were both holding hands.

They looked like they were having fun on the dance floor.
When dancing with Tommy it was the only time that Lil smiled in the episode
My pov is it was one of the best AGU so far
~Tommy Foolery~
When Lil was talking to Dil at the Java Lava Tommy was looking at Lil with a smile om his face

When Tommy keep explaining the plan throughout the episode he looked at Lil alot more then the others.

They both always seemed to be next to each other when doing something.

Tommy and Lil would sitting across form one another both at the Java Lava and Lunch

Tommy and Lil keep on looking at one another

At the end Lil put her arm on Tommy.

I love this one Two words
Dil and Aliens
~Lucky 13~

Tommy was next Lil at the Java Lava for the girls vote

Tommy look at Lil at Java Lava a lot

Tommy was talking about about Lil when talking Angelica

 Tommy was smiling at Lil when she was talking at Angelica's party
This was a good ep but not one of my fav
~All Grown Up Tv Movie~
~Interview with a Campfire ~

Tommy gave the first big role of his horror movie to Lil

Lil was sorry for laughing in Tommy's movie and said she wouldn't do it again.

Lil and Tommy were swimming next to one another andTommy was staring at Lil  .

Tommy and Lil where the only 2 that read the script in the campfire.

When Tommy was talking about the ghost wagon he saw, he was looking at Lil most of the time

Lil joined Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, Dil, and Bean. Even though it was mostly because Bean was going.

Tommy was next to Lil when they ran away form the play

Lil was usually behind Tommy when they went looking for the rock with the face on it.

Why Lil was reading the book Tommy was taping her and kept putting different camera angles on her.

When Tommy stopped Lil was the first one to notice

Lil yelled at Phil for making Tommy sad

Lil stopped Chuckie from destroying the camera and with tears in her eyes asked Tommy to keep filming
When Lil was about to jump into the mine shaft Tommy said to Lil and Phil while looking straight at Lil "You know if we jump we might never get out". And with sad eyes Tommy watched Lil jump down

Lil and Phil were holding onto Tommy when they were in the coal mine.

When the ghost wagon came back Lil held onto Tommy again
Ton of hints  in this one hour Episode  and it had a great stroyline to it .What can I said but I love the AGU movie big time
~Season 2 Hints~
~Bad Aptitude~

Lil and Tommy sat next to each other at lunch.
When Tommy was talking to Blec Lil was watching Tommy all most non stop

Lil and Tommy sat next to each other when they watched Tommy's new movie.

When the gang was in in Tommy's room watching his other bad movie Lil was the one who try to cheered him up the most
When Dil was talking to Phil,Lil and Kimi about saving Tommy form Blec Lil said Tommy said Tommy was good at promoting stuffs
When Tommy was with Kimi and looking sad about his movies Lil look at him sad too

When Lil asked where Chuckie was with there drinks Tommy was looking at her with a big smile.
Well this Episode  could have be better but it was still good.Phil trying to be a model was very funny and it was funny too to see Lil set up a wedding 15 years down the road

~Fools Rush In~
When tommy and that big kid would talking about stunt with the snake and getting everyone hype about it Lil look very worried

Lil was the first one to act scared about the snake so people would notice Tommy
An ok Episode I mean hope for it to be better and have some more hints in it but sometime you got to live with
~Memoirs of a Finster~

In Tommy's dream Lil is the first one he sees.

Lil is standing next to Tommy at Kimi's party

At the Java Lava when the gang was there and Dil and Trevor  would talking to them Lil keep on looking at Tommy with a smile on her face

Tommy sat across form Lil at the Java Lava.
Lil took part of the set up to get rid of Trevor  and made herself look like Tommy


Well for a Kimi Episode it was good and had good deal T/L hints like the dream.I think it was cool to see more into Kimi'sbackground

~Miss Nose It All~

Tommy looked the happiest to see Lil when she came back from reading the announcements.

Lil whispered to Tommy about Phil Lil and Tommy where next to each other alot.

They would next to one another a lot

Lil was mad at Tommy by the sound for building a outhouse


This was not one of my Episode but fun to watch. It had some cool hints in it for us T/L fans and it was good see the nice side of Angelica some time

~Runaround Susie~

Lil and Tommy would next to one another all most all of the time in the episode

Tommy was watching Lil with A smile on his face  why she was talking to Jeffey

When Lil look upset when she said yes to go out with Jeffey Tommy had a sad look on his face why looking at Lil

Lil was hiding with Tommy and Chuckie

Why watching Phil dress up as Lil Tommy look like he was worried  for Lil

Both Tommy and Lil look at Chuckie in a odd way at the same time

Tommy was hearing Lil out about her probleams

Tommy said Phil look good as girl and seeing that Phil was dress up Lil and put two and two thougher

Tommy keep on bugging Lil about the secret

At the Java Lava Tommy and Lil would joking around about the secret when Betty and Howard would renewed there wedding vows


Great Episode this one had ton of T/L stuffs in it like Tommy little saiding was very kick butt. Susie new song in this Episode was one of the best in AGU histroy.

~The Science Pair~

Tommy had a odd look on his face when he was looking at Lil walking away with Nicholas

At lunch Lil was sitting next to Tommy

Lil was woried for Tommy when he look very down

Lil look to be very happy for Tommy  when he won



This Episode had Lil with her new crush but it had couple hints here and there like one we see a lot where Tommy get worried Lil get worried too. so it not a bad Episode for the T/L fans

~Izzy Or Isn't He?~

Lil ask how Tommy's thumb was when it got shunt in the locker

Tommy and Lil sitting across One another at lunch

Tommy and Lil would next to one another a lot and keep on looking at one another a lot


Well this is not a real good Episode to find hints because the story was more to do with Dil and Chuckie. The Episode had some small time hints but not the best


~Project Chuckie~

Lil called Tommy by his real name"Thomas" when she  was mad at him

Tommy try to give a role to Lil where she play George Washington's Wife"Tommy was George Washington"

Lil was putting her hand and arm on Tommy

Tommy and Lil would next to one another a lot

Tommy and Lil look at one another a lot 

Lil was the one who Tommy cave into about the prarts


What a Episode  for not just C/A fans but it give the P/K and T/L fans some fun too. As you see that Tommy try to get Lil to play his wife in his play and I know some peoples will said  it was just for the play. Well I think it would of those thing that is like in Pokemon Misty saiding her and Ash will be married one day or jimmy and cindy looking at baby stuffs thougher. So this episode had some good part for T/L fans to have fun with and I got a feeling that K-C made this episode just to play with the coupling fans. 


 ~The Finster Who Stole Christmas~

Lil was next to Tommy when Phil was telling them about the tree that got taking'

Lil was fellowing Tommy around in the Mail

Lil put her hand on Tommy when asking about Chuckie


Well I was hoping for some more hints in this one but it had couple good one"This ep was more about Chuckie than anything"but I did like the The Finster Who Stole Christmas because it had a great storyline to it and Susie singing at the end was the best.......

~Fear Of Falling~

Tommy was lying next to Lil why resting form playing Mountain Men

Tommy and Lil would next one another why comming down the stair ,checking the mountains the mountians out in the telscope and going to save Chuckie

When they first meet Oliva out of the gang she look like she was upset about Oliva

Lil didn't look to happy "ever more than Chuckie or Phil"with Tommy playing with Oliva

~Blindman's Bluff~

Tommy and Lil sitting next to one another in the pool in the pool and why they would singing  they point at one another.

Lil look worried to see Tommy and Dil fighting

Lil was behind Tommy why they would talking to Grandpa Boris

Tommy and Lil would next to one one another why talking to sUSIE


It was great to to Boris back and it made this ep very funny


Lil trying to shown Tommy how to play Yu-Gotta-Go right

Tommy whisped to Lil when they saw Shark comming

Tommy and Lil both give Dil an angry look why he was dancing'

Tommy and near one another at the mall the most


Great ep for the C/A fans

~The Curse Of Reptar~

When Tommy was talking to his friends about the pool in gym and when he saided "think of the girls" and when he did Lil said "Think Agian"

When the boys would watching the big rigs Lil look like she was wacthing Tommy with a smile and when Stu comming in and talking  about  them using a piledriver Lil then  said "We Doomed"

Tommy and Lil next one another why they got done saving Kimi,Checking  on Angelica why she was in the bathroom and why they fell in hole


In Tommy's dream  when they would Rugrats and they would playing with Reatar they had Tommy sleeping on top of Lil


The Best ep in AGU histroy so far it was cool seeing them mix old Rugrats with stuffs with the new All Grown Up stuffs.If you would see a great ep ep that watch this one

~It's Karma,Dude~

Lil and Tommy would beside one another why walking back form downtown


An ok ep better than I thought it was going it was cool seeing bonding with Dil and Angelica


~The Big Score~

Tommy Saided "Wow Lil Amazing " and when Chuckie said "Is That a Good Thing"you could see Tommy trying hold his jew for a sec

Tommy was watching Lil with a smile with big smile why she was a game at the Java Lava

Tommy was the most happy to see Lil do well in her first  game

Tommy and Lil would next to one another why she was playing the game at the Java Lava

When Phil was talking to Tommy about the game and when talked about Lil in a ma way Tommy had a odd look and a music score hit at the same time


There was more Lil on Tommy's made video of her team game


Tommy look upset when Lil walk away looking sad


One of the best AGU ep so far it shown how Lil is charging for the best how she use to be all boy crazy but not anymore it shown her finding one of her true talnet.


Thax you go out to Lil _rules/Emi-Lil for her help
And for findinding other hints  
TommyLil4eva,Heidi,Luke,Nicksilver of the nick.com board,

Thax you go out to my friends at http://lukes42.proboards1.com/index.cgi