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This part of the site is for you what said something about the long going fight with T/L vs T/K
If you want something posted
you can post your view on the board or e mail them to me

T/K is a...well, they're relationship is endleslly a lot more shallow than T/L, because T/L are very different to each other, where T/K hold more similarities than they do differences. You can do more with T/L, which is why they appeal to me as a writer. And the T/L fics that I've read, as well, have used this fact to great effect, and I resultedly enjoy reading T/L fics, where the two of them play off each other really well, both deeply emotional ("Splintered Reflections" being the most obvious one to point out) and light and fluffy (any number of T/L fics on ff.net). T/K just don't seem to have the same appeal. (I'm not saying that there aren't good T/K fics out there. I've read some good ones, as far as writing goes. But the couple just don't have the same appeal, in my opinion)
Also - and I don't really want to count this as a reason - I just think T/L are cuter together. That was hard for me to say...
By the way - I'm not trying to convince anyone that they're floating the wrong ship here - as I've said previously, that's not possible. Just offering my reasons. And I'd appreciate it if people didn't waste words trying to convince me that my views are wrong, as that won't work either, no matter how open minded I am.
When Kimi entered the scene she was officially cloned off Tommy. Like a female version of him. It was done as an intent to break her in easy because she cold use a similar dynamic with her new brother Chuckie the same way Chuckie does with Tommy. So T/K really has alot in common.
Superficially thats cute but thats as far as it goes. Good writers and artists create characters with alot to go on so they don't paint themselves into a corner. Like having a bigger canvas or a bigger block of marble to work with, the potential is much higher.
It also applies in real life. Sure relating to a girl/guy you like is easier if you have stuff in common but that only goes as far as small talk or crush stages. It is the couples who strive to over come each other's differences to maintain their relationship that are STRONG and will last longer. They know what its like to make sacrifices for each other and to love someone else selflessly despite their short comings. T/K does not posses that potential cause they're like two of the same person. They have no interesting challenges to overcome. But T/L does and so does P/K... AND C/A has the most.

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