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~This page is for TV and cartoon couples that are in the way kinda like Tommy/Lil. They are or started off as Best friends and made into couples. Some have not been try into couples but are love by the fans and they are very well talked about. Some of the the couples are very odd but are great too~
If you want a couple added that e mail at

~Danny Phantom~
Danny Phantom has just been in season one and all ready there been ton of great stuffs with them
"Odd couple/Best Friend"
~Fox Mulder and Dana Scully ~
~X Files~
The top one of most TV couples that is very well love but ton of peoples. When the X Files got over the both got thougher at the end
~Ginger and Darren~
~As Told By Ginger~
Two best friends who got thougher but broken up later on but in the UK vis of the shown they got married and had a kid.
Drew Carey Shown~
They would best friends and for one season they when out but never work out
An other  fan fav it the same deal as T/L where they would best friends but with Misty gone now put this idea on hold
~Kim Possible~
An other fan based couples has been showning great hints but seeing the shown is going off  the air I guess it not going to happen
~Family Matters~
They would friends but at the end they hock up and it work out great
~Johnny Quest:The Real Adventures~
Best friend and ton of hint with them but things never when too far"just them kissing"
~Scooby Doo~
This was a one time couple in two part of Scooby doo they had just Shaggy and Daphne. There was a good deal hints with them
~Liberty's Kids~
The shown is off the air but this couple still has ton of fans everywhere.
It all most forever to get them thougher but at the end it did happen
They would very best friends and tjey had a lot coupling stuffs to do with them.I mean talk about coupling big time it was very wild with them
~Samantha Carter / Colonel Jack O'Neill~
Well I love this one big time
Codename:Kids Next Door

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