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lil.gif (5353 bytes)Phil & Lil
Name-Lillian Marie Jill DeVille
Know best friends-Kimi,Tommy and Chuckie
Brother-Phil DeVille
Mom and Dad-Betty and Howard Deville
Know crushs She had-Coup DeVille Brett(He was a jerk ) , Interview with a Campfire Bean(He was dead),The Science Pair Nicholas (very dumb)
Know peoples to have crush on her-Runaround Susie Jeffery(A dork)
Info:The once worm eating , mud loving and Pink bow wearing twin in her old rugrats day.Now in her Tweenage days she give up her love for mud and worms for boys and outfits.
Lil has made new friends who are very like but still hang with her life long friends "Tommy,Kimi and Chuckie 
Lil is a very outspoken girl but she is very caring person who love her brother and her friends with all of heart.
Lil still has a Tom boy side to her that shown it self a lot she love to play sports and love to here a Adventure  with her friends like in there old rugrats days.


Name- Thomas"Tommy" Louis Pickles
Age- 10
Know Best Friends -Chuckie,Phil,Lil and Kimi
Brother-Dil Pickles
Mom and Dad-Didi and Stu Pickles
Know crushs he had:Fear of Falling Olivia "First Kiss"
Know crushs peoples had on him:Brother, Can You Spare the Time? Crazy girls who love his movies and It's Cupid, Stupid Nicole "Hit by Lil Q 's ball"
Once know as the bald headed brave leader of the Adventure  Seeking leader of the rugrats. Now as the time past Tommy has chargedone of new love is making movies that had won awards and he love to play sports.
In the world of his best friends is still the same form his old Rugrats but in his Tweenage days he has made new friends. His main top best friend is the odd loveable red headed Chuckie Finster and  his two sidekick Phil and Lil DeVille.
Tommy has now started to dig girls and he was the first one in the Tweenage to get there first kiss
Tommy's little Brother Dil is way off based and kinda of a lone wolf but he look up to Tommy.

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